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Texas Weather part II

It can get really hot in the winter in South Texas.  It may be because our area geographically is on the edge of two systems; one cold, and one warm.


In the ‘good old days’ in Texas one would probably not say this because houses today are well insulated and when the sun acts like a microwave with these sporadic days of total sunlight in the winter the affects inside are more concentrated.

link problems

I know there was one link someone sent me that probably was inactive because the person who made the link at first had his website on it, but one time I sent a link to someone and that link didn’t go where it did when I found that link to something I was looking up.

Texas weather

I’ve seen it really rain here a year ago and our whole back yard was flooded.

Years ago too the street was about 3 feet deep under the water but in the last

few years we haven’t see that type of flooding. The news of course reported

major flooding in other parts of town but that’s because creeks up north

didn’t have any real barriers to prevent major flooding.